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Our Vision

As a non-denominational. not-for-profit Christian organization, C.O.D World Mission Support works with many organizations around the world, including Australia. Regardless of faith or ethnicity, we believe that every child has a right to a healthy future and a loving family and a Christian upbringing and to this cause we devote ourselves.

C.O.D World Mission Support is a 100% volunteer organization. We are all volunteers, from directors to collectors. We exist to provide support to orphans and the most disadvantaged children in Australasia. Thousands of Asian children, suffering from physical and mental handicaps, grow up without the nurturing hands of loving parents or the security of a stable home.

C.O.D World Missions is devoted to alleviating the pain and rejection in these children’s lives. C.O.D World Mission exist to provide loving care to suffering children who find themselves without parents. These children, many of them babies, often have deformities and handicapped which contribute to their being abandoned. With the dedicated staff and the love and support of friends and businesses around the world, C.O.D is able to alleviate some of the pain and suffering and insecurities that these children have experienced.

Through financial support to our partners in existing volunteer orphanages and foster home and through adoption, foster care and child sponsorship the love of thousands of people around the world has been poured out to these children with special needs.

It is our desire at C.O.D World Missions to partner with others in nursing children to both physical and emotional health while preparing them for life.

To those businesses and individuals who have made it possible to continue this effort we say thank you. Your love and support have made a live changing difference in these children.

To all those who donate time and money, thank you! We know that you share our desire to do good to others. We cannot operate this mission alone. We would be delighted to have you partner with us in this project..

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